Beavers overnight takeover of Brixington Primary!

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Beaver sleepover 2019

The Head of Teaching and Learning at Brixington Primary, Stuart Dyer, hadn’t even made it home on Friday evening when a group of Beaver Scouts from Exmouth, Budleigh and Woodbury took over his school hall setting up camp for the night! The Beavers enjoyed the latest Lego movie, hot chocolate and the Gruffalo before bedding down for the night. A few hours later they were up and about again playing noisy games. The Beavers were finally “evicted” after breakfast allowing calm to descend over the school!

Stuart Wilson, Scout Active Support Manager, said “our Beaver Scouts had a great time staying overnight at Brixington Primary. Nights Away are a key part of the Scouting programme providing young people with fun and adventure. The school was the perfect environment for the activities we had planned. Special thanks must go to Mr Dyer for letting us use the school, and to Alison in the kitchen.”. Mr Wilson thanked the leaders who came along to help, and added that Scout Groups across the District are in need of more adult volunteers to help provide these kind of opportunities to young people.” Anyone who is able to help can get in touch via the District website at